“When we stop playing, we start dying.” – Play: How it Shapes the Brain, Opens the Imagination, and Invigorates the Soul by Stuart Brown


Hand written love notes from clients that we typed for you because they were too hard to read:

“Cyndi brought a creative and organizational center of gravity to an extremely complex set of activities at the intersection of art and technology that lacked focus and discipline.  Her combination of powerful artistic vision, relentless concentration on being clear about and making progress toward goals, and enormous regional network of contacts are extraordinary—truly unique and extremely powerful. She works virtual miracles.” – Daniel Sarewitz Co-director The School for the Future of Innovation in Society at ASU


“Cyndi reaches out through all social media with fabulous results; her personality is infectious and she draws others in easily with her ability to be direct.”  – Sherrie Zeitlin Director Art Resource Center


“Cyndi provided the “A” for our STEAM project by providing teaching methodologies and strategies focused in an art experience – but also provided insight and professional development to the Garden team that were science driven thinkers.” Tina Wilson Director of Education Desert Botanical Garden


“Cyndi Coon is a rock star. Chromatically coordinated wildflowers spring up wherever she walks. Vehicular traffic voluntarily pulls over to allow her easier passage through the metropolis. Small children carry pictures of her in artful lockets. Coffee tastes better in her presence. Ok Seriously Cyndi is the epitome of a creative entrepreneur, bringing a potent mix of pragmatism, intelligence and good humor to her work. She has been invaluable to several projects of the Center for Science and the Imagination. This complex, delicate, multi-partner effort would be impossible to execute without her managerial, logistical and strategic prowess. Cyndi consistently delivers on her promises at both a strategic as well as an implementation level, independently identifying and resolving roadblocks, pitfalls and wrong steps in clients planning, communications, strategy and aesthetics/optics. Cyndi leverages her network of local creative and industry professionals, her deep knowledge of complex interrelationships and community partners, and her own unique talents as a creative entrepreneur to achieve goals. She is a dynamo.” – Ed Finn, Director  Center for Science and the Imagination at Arizona State University





“Playful behaviour and playful thought can generate radically new approaches to challenges set by the physical and social environment…We argue that humans and organizations can exploit playfulness as a tool for fostering creativity and innovation.” — Play, Playfulness, Creativity and Innovation by Patrick Bateson, Paul Martin